Welcome to our universe of fairytale, characterized by elements of funky baroque – a happy confusion of design, a sense of humor and trend. This is combined with aesthetic, authentic and traditional food in a new way.

SAM_0111It all began back in the 15th century, or maybe before. A little girl from Amager went to the market where she sold open-faced sandwiches based on rye bread and called it ‘smørrebrød’.

The king came by on his horse, looked at her, and said: “Since you are a virgin, you are allowed to be an independent business woman and sell smørrebrød, and your title will be ‘smørrebrødsjomfru’ (open-faced sandwich virgin).

The king picked up the idea of smørrebrød, took it to the castle, and spread it all over the country. And this is a true legend.

SAM_0115From that day on, smørrebrød became what rice is to the Japanese. But as the world kept changing, we changed too, and we turned smørrebrød upside down. We travelled to the other side of the world to get inspiration and found sushi; The way it is build up in layers, beautifully decorated and in small, delicate and tasteful pieces. So we turned smørrebrød into ‘smushi’.

We focus on traditional Danish cuisine. Our smushi is a combination of classical Danish dishes made from seasonal produces, but served in delicate, aesthetically presented portions the size of sushi. Thus, our smushi is not a fusion of ingredients and flavours, but rather an authentic presentation of traditional Danish flavours in a simpler design and in portions that allow you to taste a variety of small dishes in one meal. 

SAM_0117If you take a walk through the gate, into the court yard between Royal Copenhagen and George Jensen, you will become part of our fairytale. You are invited to enter our great hall with chandeliers and to have a seat by the royal tables in the Ant chair designed by Arne Jacobsen. Your lunch will be served on Royal Copenhagen porcelain, and you will be given George Jensen cutlery.

Relax, reflect, and let your eyes defile from painting to painting of kings and queens who made an impact on our history. ‘Silly somethings’ from small Danish artisans and treasures from around the world is brought together in glass cases and shelves based on its history, humour and good craftsmanship, all for you to bring home.

SAM_0109The fairytale of the Royal Smushi Cafe was founded 5 May 2007, and we wish to preserve the Danish legacy while fusion with the rest of the world, and thus continue the never-ending story.

If you ever visit us, we do believe that you are our royalty.

From all of us at Royal Smushi Cafe

— Lo Østergaard